Meet the Solo family: gallery-grade spotlights ranging from 35mm (460lm) to 66mm (1100lm). Choose Intense for ultra-narrow beams, or go for Plus with ultra-high CRI. Explore Dynamic White for 2-channel CCT tunability or enjoy Warm Dim for incandescent-mimicking dimming from 3000K to 1800K. Illuminate with precision.


Brooklands by Claude Bosi

Precision by Luminii’s CNC Machined Micro Spots undergo a revival to light the Concord Speedform Sculpture at two Michelin Star Restaurant “Brooklands by Claude Bosi”.

The Peninsula Boutique and Café

Experience the seamless integration of Stacko at The Peninsula Boutique and Café. Click to explore how these discreet luminaires were meticulously designed to seamlessly blend into their

Young V&A Myths to Manga

A new exhibition has opened at the newly refurbished The Young V&A in London, formerly known as The Museum of Childhood, featuring "Japan: Myths to Manga". Due to their seamless, discreet aesthetic, Studio ZNA chose Precision by Luminii’s sustainable luminaires "Stacko" and "Atto" for this one-of-a-kind installation.

Featured Products

Domino 4 Surface

The minimal and low profile Domino 4 Surface offers ten beam distributions as standard with many more customisable options available for complete and unique control of any lighting scheme.