Evo X LED Release

Precision Lighting’s Evo X11 and Evo X16 offer a blend of power, aesthetics and hassle-free installation with a range of optics that can be changed without using tools.

Evo X is the most recent addition to Precision Lighting’s range of LED spotlights, all with features such as reliable lock-and-leave set-up, rotation in pan and tilt and a wide selection of optics and accessories. The Evo X family is the next generation of a luminaire that is widely used in retail, hospitality, museum and gallery applications where ease of installation, flexibility and aesthetics are vital.

Evo X11 offers the equivalent illuminance of 20W MR11 Halogen using just 5.5W and delivering a lumen package of 340lm. The larger Evo X16 uses 9.8W to deliver 630lm. A colour temperature of 3000K and CRI of 80 are standard and more options are available. The luminaires offer a choice of site-changeable optics for flexible distribution with beam widths from 12o to 40o. All versions are dimmable and standard accessories include long, short and glare guard snoots for complete control.


"With Precision Lighting’s lockable luminaires and wide choice of optics and accessories, lighting designers know that once a scheme is set up and properly focused it will stay that way until it is meant to be changed. If a lighting scheme does need alteration, Evo X lets you change optics on site without needing special tools,"
Sales Director, Spencer Baxter, Precision Lighting

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