Discus Release

Discus 11 and 16 are the latest additions to Precision Lighting's LED luminaire range. Discus evolved from the popular Oculus luminaire, applying a minimal aesthetic while retaining all the features and benefits. Precision Lighting's signature style of simple, functional luminaires allows them to integrate unobtrusively into the surrounding architecture.

The range comes as standard in white, black and brushed aluminium finishes, and has three interchangeable optics for flexible distribution. There are four snoot options, including wall wash for uniform illumination of vertical surfaces, and a combined gobo and framing projector for scenographic lighting applications. Discus has seven standard mounting options giving the specifier over 252 options.

The Discus range has site changeable optics for greater flexibility. It is lockable in both pan and tilt, while the unlocked movement features low friction bearings and constant torque tilt mechanisms. Precision Lighting's Jack Plug system enables the luminaire to be easily disconnected and reconnected to all of Precision Lighting's systems, giving great flexibility throughout the product's lifetime. The onboard 24v driver ensures the luminaire is protected from over-current and is not polarity sensitive, while the solder-less connection enables simple upgrading or replacement of the PCB.

Discus is machined from Aerospace grade AL 6063 T6 aluminium, which ensures far more efficient thermal properties than a cast product. This allows Discus to deliver a lumen package of 280-470lm from a incredibly compact luminaire. The high thermal conductivity of this grade of aluminium enables Precision Lighting's luminaires to be some of the smallest on the market, whilst safely running the LEDs well below their recommended maximum temperature, ensuring the longevity of the CREE XPE 3 up and 4 up clusters.

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