The Peninsula Boutique and Café

The Peninsula Hotel of Belgravia boasts a modern and stylish presence near Buckingham Palace and Apsley House. The Peninsula Boutique and Café, located on the ground floor, welcomes all guests with strong coffee and indulgent pastries. Designed by Speirs Major, the space exudes warmth and opulence with teal walls, copper, and gold accents. Honestly, it just might be the fanciest morning coffee you have on your way to work.
Stacko award-winning modular luminaires were seamlessly integrated into the Boutique and Café, complementing the interior design while discreetly showcasing artisanal goods like bread, crockery, and champagne. This project exemplifies Precision by Luminii's commitment to customization.

We spoke to our own William Huon, who was the Industrial Designer on this project to get more background on this one-of-a-kind and quite challenging task. "Upon receiving the request from Speirs Major, Precision embarked on the challenge of crafting a bespoke luminaire leveraging our Stacko light engine architecture and form factor. Their vision included integrating the luminaire seamlessly into their custom-designed shelf system, utilizing its body as a crucial load-bearing element. In response, we undertook the task of not only engineering a precise mechanism but also ensuring swift on-site assembly. Additionally, our team meticulously crafted the luminaire in a color that flawlessly complemented the chosen finish, enhancing both its decorative allure and functional efficacy. Through innovative design and meticulous execution, we rose to the challenge, delivering a luminaire that exceeded expectations and seamlessly integrated into the envisioned environment."

  • Adaptable lighting solutions specifically for display case applications
  • Multiple light engine configurations and mounting options
  • ‘Stack’ lighting modules together to create unique lighting schemes
  • Stacko Tilt Fixed End is infinitely adjustable in 360-degree pan.
  • Finishes: White, Matte Black, Brushed Aluminum + Premium and RAL available

Lighting Designer

Speirs Major


The Peninsula Hotel, Belgravia, London, England