TM-30-15 is a new method and significant step forward in quantifying the colour rendering properties of light sources that was recently published by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES). It distinguishes both color fidelity and color gamut and provides a framework for interpreting chroma and hue shift associated with light sources.
Today Precision Lighting is happy to announce that full TM-30-15 data is available for our entire product range. The CIE 1995 method for measuring CRI Ra relies on only 8 samples contributing to the Ra value. TM-30-15 uses 99 new colour evaluation samples to measure the colour fidelity Rf with an additional measure for Rg gamut area. The spectral data was collected from a wide range of luminaires spanning the entire product portfolio with a colour temperature of 3000K. All tests were conducted in an ambient environent of 30oC at full luminaire operating temperature. All testing was conducted in accordance with and using the tools and calculations of TM-30-15.