Precision Lighting focuses on delivering architectural lighting solutions that meet the needs of specifiers and end users alike, even when such requirements may result in completely unique designs. We can look at almost any element of a light or system and redesign it. Whether it’s the finish, the movement, the functionality or the performance, if we can modify it successfully, we will. Discover how we collaborate with lighting designers, architects, interior designers and end users to create custom luminaires, mounting options and bespoke systems. We take on the challenging projects other companies won’t.

Our Process


Every bespoke project starts with an idea. This might be a broad ‘what if…’ from a lighting designer, or a complete specification for a unique product. Some clients approach us with architectural, functional or aesthetical challenges.


Our R&D team will often use concept visuals of a custom product to communicate key ideas. These preliminary drawings help demonstrate the proposed solution, and make sure all parties are in agreement with the next steps of development.


On initial concept approval, our designers define the product in detail, and demonstrate how the concept would work. This may involve CAD design work, or our engineers producing physical mock-ups, thanks to our own rapid prototyping facilities in London.


Following client approval of the detailed design stage, our engineers will develop the concept into a fully realised solution. On completion of the project they’ll also provide supporting documents such as detailed installation instructions.


In addition to our standard and premium finishes, which include rubbed bronze and polished brass, we can also finish our luminaires to a required RAL colour so they perfectly complement the venue’s décor.


A frequent modification request is to extend or shorten stem lengths on fixtures. Our stem mounted luminaires can be cut to order, allowing our spotlights to be mounted according to project requirements.


Our engineers are well versed in delivering physical modifications to our standard products, such as altering snoots for spotlights, or creating alternative installation options to overcome architectural issues.


Some of our most notable and award winning projects have derived from a bespoke enquiry. Large elements of customisation can range from developing one of a kind luminaires through to configuring a complex bespoke lattice of cables, monopoints and spotlights, such as our work on the Imperial War Museum.

There are occasions where our standard mounting options might not be appropriate for a project. Our designers have developed numerous bespoke mounting solutions for challenging projects such as historical or listed buildings.

Precision Basis Track is an elegant low-voltage track system with a minimal profile that can be curved to a tight radius and assembled into a number of complex shapes. It can be used to follow arcs of internal architecture or ceiling lines and integrated into the design features of a space.

If you are interested in exploring a custom or bespoke project with us please get in touch here