Surface Minipoint

    Technical Specification

  • Category: IP20
  • Material: Machined Aluminium
  • Finish: Brushed Aluminium | Black Powder Coat | White Powder Coat | Rubbed Bronze | Polished Brass | Brushed Brass | Custom
  • System: Jack Minipoint
  • LED Rating: Constant Current
  • Cut Out Hole: ø10mm & 2 pilot holes
  • Weight: AL/WH/BK/EBA - 40.7g | RB/PB/SB - 86.6g

Product Description

The Surface minipoint is a mounting solution for ever-changing installations with the benefit of an additional height of approximately 59mm. Perfect for retail and display case applications, the surface minipoint allows jack luminaires to be plugged and unplugged in seconds whilst providing an elevated mounting position for Stacko luminaire modules. The Surface minipoint has a small ø10mm cut-out and is mounted via 2 screws. Available in standard, premium and custom finishes, the Surface minipoint can be specified to match any interior vision.

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