Photography courtesy of Marina Bay Sands

For Marina Bay Sands' latest restaurant, award-winning chef David Myer’s Adrift, spotlights from Precision’s Evo Range provided the perfect fit for lighting the stunning décor of the 4,000 square foot establishment. 

As the interior design scheme integrated suspended charred timbers beams and antiquated metal screens within a feature enclosure over the restaurant, it was a requirement for the spotlights to be carefully mounted.

As lighting designer Peggy Tan, of Project Lighting Design, explains: “We made use of node monopoints to attach MR11 spotlights onto a delicate metal structure.”

The node monopoints represent the smallest of Precision’s monopoint mounting options, all of which utilise the company’s versatile Jack Plug to allow for easy removal and connection of the luminaire for cleaning or relamping.

The form-factor of the Evo spotlights was also crucial to the success of the design scheme, with the luminaires needing to look similarly delicate and in elegant proportion to the suspended assembly.

The result is that the spotlights, sympathetically finished in a rubbed bronze to harmonise with the aesthetics of the interior, complements the style of this highly acclaimed Modern Asian restaurant, adding to the welcoming ambience.

The venue’s design, by Wilson Associates’ restaurant focused subsidiary Blueplate Studios, features antiqued-metal screens, with which the lighting design combines to offer a distinctly edgy appearance, while flora and lush greenery beyond the glass add an organic touch to the aesthetic that brings the dining room to life.

As Peggy emphasises when discussing the lighting design: “Quite honestly, we chose Precision Lighting because you have products that are a perfect fit for the design and look of the restaurant.”

In addition to aesthetics, the lighting performance of the spotlights also enhanced the restaurant’s design, with Gobo projectors employed in replicating shadows of the enclosure weave, heightening the visual drama of the scheme.

With Adrift being the latest restaurant to feature spotlights from the Evo range, lighting designers working in the hospitality sector are benefiting from a spotlight that is lockable in both pan and tilt, and can be rotated smoothly through 360 degrees thanks to the low friction bearing aided mechanism, giving flexibility to any scheme.


“Quite honestly, we chose Precision Lighting because you have products that are a perfect fit for the design and look of the restaurant”
Peggy Tan, Project Lighting Design

Lighting Designer

Project Lighting Design