Photography courtesy of Nick Ingram

TEI Electrical Contractors were invited to complete all electrical works for Bellanger, the latest restaurant from Corbin and King, and chose spotlights from Precision’s Retro range to complement the interiors from Brady Williams.

Bellanger, based in Islington, is styled as a classic Grand Café, with interiors from Shayne Brady, of Brady Williams, with interiors that are reminiscent of the great cafes of the Alsace tradition. Brady has styled the décor in a light, handsome Belle Époque aesthetic.

The restaurant is made up of three elegantly designed areas, with the front room featuring large fold-back windows, offering diners a view of Islington Green, while offering daylight for the balanced aesthetic. The long and well-stocked long bar, with high bar stool seating and standing room, leads to the intimate, carpeted Upper Room. 

The warm-gloss of the hard-wood furniture and panelling offer a luxurious setting, while bevelled mirror detailing and ornate plaster work add to the splendour. 

TEI, prior collaborators with Brady Williams and Corbin and King restaurants in the design and fit-out of the Viennese inspired Fischer’s, in Marylebone, were tasked with the electrical services and lighting elements in the design.

TEI, after working with Precision in the installation of luminaires at Fischer’s, were quick to turn again to the British manufacturer for spotlights that would harmonise with the turn-of-the-century styling of Bellanger. Spotlights from Precision’s Retro range were chosen for their characteristic appearance.

A screw-on snoot was attached to the Retro luminaires for glare control, ideal for spotlighting the individual tables throughout each of the three restaurant areas, without intrusive light spill. Retro spotlights were also used to illuminate the beverage choices from the exquisite bar.

To match the antique metalwork, the luminaires were machined from brass, and finished to a dark rubbed bronze finish, perfectly co-ordinating with the luxury of the interiors. The Retro spotlights were mounted to Precision’s low voltage Basis Track system, which was similarly matched to the rubbed bronze finish.

Decorative chandeliers were chosen to lift the architecture in providing ambient lighting in the restaurant, while antique wall-lamps were chosen for the soft warm glow they provided, while revealing the intricate beading that adds to the restaurant’s theming.


London, United Kingdom