Cesare Lampronti Gallery

Set in Rome, Cesare Lampronti gallery was founded in 1914 by Cesare’s grandfather. Cesare became director in 1961. The gallery focuses on Italian Old Master Paintings of the 17th and 18th Centuries, with view paintings, landscapes and still lives forming the majority of the content. In January 2013, an offshoot of the gallery opened in the heart of London allowing viewers an insight into Italian art and culture.

Quality pieces by the likes of Caravaggio and Canaletto are mounted on the walls of this London based gallery, with their intricate details highlighted by Precision Lighting’s Discus 16 LED fixtures. Multiple optics were specified to cater for the variety of artwork housed within this gallery. The luminaires are mounted on Precision Lighting’s minimal Basis Track system allowing the lighting installation to remain discreet whilst surrounded by such beautiful artwork.


London, United Kingdom