Photography courtesy of Nick Ingram

Lighting design practice Nulty were employed to produce a lighting scheme for Corbin and King restaurant Fischer’s that complimented the Viennese décor of the interiors, while delivering the efficiency and flexibility required by the operators. As part of their intimate lighting scenario, Nulty specified 129 spotlights from architectural lighting manufacturer Precision’s Retro range.

Fischer’s, an informal all-day café located at London’s Marylebone, features interiors by design studio Brady Williams. Nulty worked closely with Brady Williams to create an architectural lighting design scheme that would maintain the the warmth and intimacy throughout the café’s opening hours, while also highlighting the interior furnishings, including the decorative wall ornaments and displayed art, without eclipsing their design.

To ensure the balanced aesthetic throughout the day, Nulty employed a lighting control system that enabled scene-setting for each of the restaurant’s service settings of breakfast, lunch and dinner. This sophisticated controls strategy allowed Nulty to control the lighting balance between natural light and artificial sources, as Daniel Gray, Senior Lighting Designer for Nulty, explains:

“The scene-setting at the restaurant’s time of service balance the stages of daylight and maintains the interior’s warm tones. The system also helped reduce energy consumption where possible without compromising on the quality of illumination.”

Given that Nulty were briefed on the importance on developing a rich, cosy environment within Fischer’s, the lighting design practice’s solution was to bring a fresh concept to traditional lighting by using established lamp technology rather than LEDs.

With Precision’s Retro range, the lighting design practice has crafted a space that “exudes warm tones and encourages conviviality”, describes Gray.

The appearance of the Retro spotlights contributed towards their choice, with an elegant aesthetic, the luminaires are a natural fit for the restaurant’s classic décor, while the rubbed bronze finish of both the spotlights and the Basis Track mounting system offers a complementing appeal, with the classic stylish profile of the track.

The Basis Track system offered further advantages in the design of Fischer’s; the low-voltage track was factory curved by Precision to follow a graceful arc through each corners of the café, following the internal line of the architecture.

The combination of refined lighting with traditional lamp hues from Nulty and Brady Williams’ welcoming interiors full of classic detailing that results in a restaurant that is so reminiscent of the Grand Viennese cafés of the past, yet completely timeless in its appeal.

Lighting Designer

Daniel Gray, Nulty+


London, United Kingdom