Hampton Court

Precision Lighting’s lockable Pico 1 LED spotlight has helped display design experts Protean solve a classic problem with lighting art, allowing visitors to Hampton Court a glare-free view of the portraits on show by Historic Royal Palaces’ exhibition The Wild, the Beautiful and the Damned. Protean’s solution came in the form of Precision Lighting’s lockable Pico 1 LED spotlight.

The six-month exhibition, designed and co-produced by Northants-based Protean and curated by Brett Doman, explores the story of beauty and decadence at the Baroque court. Exquisite artworks from the Royal Collection include portraits of Charles II’s mistresses Nell Gwyn and Barbara Villiers, brought together for the first time, and other resident pictures such as Peter Lely’s ‘Windsor Beauties’ and Godfrey Kneller’s ‘Hampton Court Beauties’. Protean used more than 100 single LED Pico 1 spotlights plus a small number of Precision EVO spotlights with long snoots or gobos used to project images on to the walls. The CRI 90 LEDs ‘lit the paintings with a colour and depth that traditional lighting fails to provide,’ says Thomas.

The Pico family of energy-efficient LED mini-spotlights is designed for applications such as gallery and retail display lighting. Weighing 60g and with a diameter of just 19mm, the Pico 1 LED offers beam widths of between 12o and 40o using optics that can be changed on site. It has an integral 24V DC drivers and use Precision Lighting’s versatile JackPlug, connected easily to the company’s full range of track systems. It is lockable in pan and tilt and can be rotated smoothly through 360 degrees.

The Pico 1 LED has a light output of 100 lumens at 1.5 Watts. The 3000K LEDs with a colour-rendering index of 80CRI as standard but other colour temperatures and 90CRI versions are available. on request. The range incorporates integral heat sinks for optimised LED cooling. Standard finishes are brushed aluminium and white, with custom finishes available on request.


"The traditional problem with lighting paintings is glare, because the lighting is usually from above and bounces down. The compact design of the Pico 1 enabled us to position the lighting upwards to solve this and fine tune the installation to create the best possible viewing conditions. We chose Precision’s Pico 1 because we could easily change between narrow and wide spot even when they were already installed and because they could be locked in position once focused."
Mark Thomas, Director, Protean

Lighting Designer



London, United Kingdom