London Dungeon

Precision Lighting LED fixtures, including more than 350 Pico 1 and Oculus spotlights, light the London Dungeon at levels that are seldom more than 15 to 20 lux. David Hurst of Full-On Lighting Design has combined them with DMX lighting controllers to dim them down as low as possible so that visitors are almost entirely unaware of the lighting. The black fittings and accessories are attached to black monopoints, to make them virtually invisible. Full-On Lighting also specified 35 Oculus gobo projectors to create subtle dappling effects.

A similar lighting design scheme using Precision Lighting Pico and Oculus spotlights has been employed at the Berlin Dungeon by lighting designer Thöne and Partner. Both the new London Dungeon and the Berlin Dungeon opened in 2013.


‘As a lighting designer I did not want any glare so I wanted honeycomb louvres and snoots on the fixtures. It was very important for them to have interchangeable lenses so that I could swap them over during the focusing, with beam widths from 40 degrees down to 12 degrees, and they needed to be able to take coloured filters because we were going to use a lot of those. Being able to lock the fixtures was also important, and they locked off well. So they ticked all the boxes.’
David Hurst, Full-On Lighting


London, United Kingdom