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The refined chic of Lotte’s Hanoi hotel, which occupies the upper floors of the magnificent Lotte Centre, has been beautifully lit thanks to the talents of Project Lighting Design, in a scheme that features over 450 Evo spotlights from Precision Lighting.

The five-star property is convenient located as a centre point between the emerging and vibrant New Business District, and the traditional Old Quarter of Hanoi, where artisans of multiple disciplines delight tourists and locals alike with their specialisations. 

Within such surroundings, the 272-metre high skyscraper naturally draws guests with the promising future of the city, while hotel guests are ideally located to enjoy the rich cultural history of Hanoi.

As the five-star hotel has an array of addition amenities including a spa, an in-house bakery, and a multitude of bars and restaurants, the lighting scheme needed to take account differing atmospheres and the intended function of each area. 

For the eponymous Grill 63, named for is location on the 63rd floor, the lighting was designed to be modern and sophisticated to coordinate with the distinguished décor. A large number of Evo spotlights, sharing a minimal aesthetic and conformity to the Golden Ratio, were used throughout the restaurant, ensuring the lighting is perfect for the diners enjoying the scenic view of the city. The luminaires were installed in ceiling slots in the window mullions around the edge of the dining areas, lighting the window-side tables and offering a subtle detail to the overall atmosphere. General ambience lighting was provided by spectacular multi-level chandeliers, which descend over the restaurant space from the ceiling of the 64th floor. 

For the contrasting Pharaoh’s Bar, a more entertaining and lively aesthetic was employed for a venue that prides itself on handcrafted speciality cocktails and a trendy atmosphere that marks the bar out as a highlight of the nightlife of the city. The two-floor bar features stunning washes of coloured light from Color Kinetics that adds to the dynamism of the space. 

White Evo spotlights, mounted on a discreet track system, are used to provide accent lighting around the uniquely shaped bar, designed to resemble the Pyramids and reflecting the broad Egyptian look of the bar. The light output from the spotlights serves to draw attention to the bartenders as they mix drinks on request for guests, making the bar a focal area of interest in the space. Further spotlights were used to pin spot tables around the periphery of the venue.

The design of the Lounge Sky is subtler, with a relaxed appeal thanks to the comforting furniture, and intimate layouts. With a consciously tranquil lighting concept, black Evo fittings are mounted onto minimalist node monopoints around the outside of the lounge, and widely spaced for maximum custom.

Further fittings surround the bar area, descending from a slatted ceiling and installed via discreet flat monopoints. The positioning of the spotlights are designed to produce a focal point in the Lounge Sky’s otherwise open space, and the advanced features of the Evo series ensures complete control, thanks to a constant torque tilt mechanism, and a bearing aided rotation mechanism, which allows the luminaire head to be smoothly rotated 360°. This flexibility facilitated accurate aiming to ensure the bar area was a highlight of the space, while avoiding any obtrusive light spill thanks to excellent glare control, supplemented by honeycomb louvres. 

Other areas of the Lotte Hanoi that features Precision luminaires include the lounge of the prestigious Club Floor. White Evo luminaires, mounted onto flat monopoints via the innovative Jack Plug system, provide gentle washes of light across the snug furnishings for a casual business environment.

Club Floor guests of the hotel are also offered a number of complimentary extras during their stay, including a buffet area that was also lit by the Evo series. Reflecting the flexibility in which the spotlights were used throughout the complex, the luminaires were used to highlight the attractive food offerings for the guests, heightening the visual appeal.

A further area benefiting from the unique features of the Evo spotlight was the gorgeously tranquil Sky Garden. An urban oasis, that features double-height stalks of bamboo that deliver an organic and natural feel, the wooden boardwalk offers a relaxed Zen corridor that separates the hotel from the Lotte residences.

As well as illuminating the bamboo stalks, the Evo also casts a colourful mosaic mural in excellent light; the mural, designed by a local artist reiterates a strong Hanoi heritage despite the array of conveniences within the Lotte Centre. Additional lighting is provided with soft oval fixtures

Machined from aerospace grade aluminium, and with fully lockable tilt and pan mechanisms, the minimalist styled spotlights from the Evo series have been engineered to offer maximum flexibility, with the Jack Plug system offering a number of mounting options and LED variants that offer site changeable optics covering multiple beam angles. It is these features that ensure the luminaires were a perfect fit for the contemporary and luxurious Lotte Hanoi.

PLD’s lighting concept was not restricted to the Precision series; for the spectacular lobby entrance, where the ceilings were of exceptional height, fittings with absolute control from floor level were required. In this case, DR8s from Precision’s sister company Remote Controlled Lighting (RCL) were specified. The high lumen output LED spotlights from RCL offer full control of tilt, pan and dim level using a handheld controller, minimising the need for scaffolding or ladders for luminaire re-positioning, a vital consideration in a high footfall environment.

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