Lotte Hotel

Singapore-based Project Lighting Design worked with interior designer Silverfox Studios, to create an atmosphere of relaxed sophistication at La Seinne, a buffet restaurant within Seoul’s most prestigious hotel, the Lotte.

Precision Lighting’s Monopoints and Evo projectors help create contrasting and complementary elements of the scheme. The restaurant is bright and cheerful in the morning, through the daytime hours and early evening; as night falls, light levels gradually diminish creating a more intimate and dramatic atmosphere The lighting scheme employs many different lighting techniques but principally the use of spotlights and projection in a theatrical approach to the architectural space. For example, the restaurant features high-tech food stations including a stunning dessert counter whose cladding sparkles in vibrant, morphing colours.

The seafood and Japanese stations have dramatic, underlit ice wells on which the shellfish, sushi and sashimi are arranged. These are illuminated from above using Precision Lighting’s low-voltage Monopoint spotlights recessed in special troughs and equipped with snoots and honeycomb louvres to provide excellent glare control. The open kitchen cooking area and food presentation counters are also illuminated using recessed low-voltage downlights combined with architectural spotlights and pendant luminaires.

In the circulation areas, Framing Projectors with gobos create the impression that daylight permeates into the restaurant. This is achieved by projecting patterns that mimic the unusual ceiling form on to the floor and wall panels at strategic points and using periodic sequencing to create the illusion of dappled light.

Lighting Designer

Project Lighting Design


Seoul, South Korea