Manchester Museum - Nature's Library

Lighting consultant Studio ZNA chose Precision Lighting’s Pico 1 Surface LED spotlights for Nature’s Library, the recently refurbished gallery at Manchester Museum, which showcases a huge collection of preserved animals, plants and fossils.

More than 200 of the minimal LED fittings now illuminate exhibits in the Victorian gallery’s double-sided vitrines.

The cases are like individual encyclopedias standing on the second floor ‘shelf’ that surrounds the building’s central well. The small but easily focused LED spotlights have transformed the displays with highlights, shadow and texture, adding visual interest and also giving the exhibits context.


"We used Precision Picos as top-lights, footlights and on the vertical “spines” of the cases, which carry graphics. They were located very precisely and not as a regular array but putting light exactly where it was needed. They are quick and easy to focus. And when you are on-site and have limited time to finish off, it really helps to be able to change lenses without needing to use tools."
Zerlina Hughes, Founder and Creative Director, Studio ZNA

Lighting Designer

Studio ZNA


Manchester, United Kingdom