Natural History Museum - Hintze Hall

Precision Lightings LED range has been used extensively throughout the newly transformed Hintze Hall at the Natural History Museum in London. The treasured Hintze Hall has been transformed with its new addition ‘Hope’; the female blue whale skeleton which has taken the place of ‘Dippy’ the beloved Diplodocus. Measuring at 25.2 metres long, she is a spectacular sight to behold that celebrates the relationship between humanity and a sustainable future.

Hope is not the only addition to the exhibit; she is accompanied by hundreds of other new specimens, including an American Mastodon. The huge Ice-age mammoth is illuminated by Precision’s Evo X16s on a custom curved basis track from above, finished in an unique anodic brown to fit the traditional and historic surrounding architecture.

Throughout Hintze Hall, there are 10 ‘Wonder Bays’ (the ground-floor alcoves along either side of the hall) that are filled with the other new specimens, all of which are lit using Evo X11s that along with their Evo X16 counterparts, are finished in antique bronze effect paint. The Evo X family was perfect for lighting these fantastic historical pieces due to their beautifully minimal aesthetic and high CRI, meaning these specimens can be seen in their true glory.

Working closely with the Lighting Designer - DHA Designs, we produced bespoke curved track that integrated seamlessly into the historic grade 1 listed building. Rubbed bronze and antique effect finishes were used extensively to complement the existing interior.

Lighting Designer

DHA Designs


London, United Kingdom