Nicole Farhi

Fashion house Nicole Fahri’s global flagship store in London has installed Precision Lighting EVO R16 spotlights for its window display lighting. The new Conduit Street store with lighting design by Inverse Lighting Design has 40 of the spotlights mounted on Eutrac lighting tracks and placed discreetly out of view in a specially designed trough.

Precision Lighting’s EVO range is used in a variety of retail, hospitality and display applications. The EVO R16 is a sleek, spotlight for LED, high intensity discharge or halogen lamps, with a range of interchangeable snoots, lenses and louvres. Nicole Fahri has EVO16s with 35W IRC lamps and honeycomb louvres to prevent glare. Halogen is particularly suited to lighting fashion and textiles due to its high colour rendering

Precision Lighting recently extended the EVO range of lockable spotlights to include the EVO 20-LED, the ‘big brother’ of the EVO 11 and EVO 16 spotlights, which share the same design aesthetic, based on clean lines and classic proportions and are available in brushed aluminium, rubbed bronze, black, white and custom finishes.

Lighting Designer

Inverse Lighting


London, United Kingdom