Science Museum - Bicycle Tour

Bicycle Tour is a new dynamic artwork installation created by exhibition designer Emily Pugh for the refurbished entrance hall of the Science Museum. Emily Pugh worked together with lighting designer Zerlina Hughes of Studio ZNA, and an in-house project team headed by Kristin Hibbs.

With some 2.9 million visitors every year, the Science Museum is the UK’s most popular destination dedicated to science, technology and design. When visitors enter the museum they are immediately drawn to the large curving chandelier displaying a small portion of the museum’s vast collection of bicycles. Precision Lighting’s Oculus 11 spotlights have been incorporated into the installation helping to provide discreet, glare-free lighting. Varied beam widths of 14º and 30º were used; each where needed to best illuminate the subject area.

It was important that the luminaires blended into the artwork; adding to it, yet subtly. Custom monopoints were designed to allow for a seamless connection between the Oculus fittings and the installation frame. The invisible fixings allow the luminaires to blend into the artwork and become one with it; allowing them to subtly highlight interesting features and textures of the bicycle designs. Careful consideration took place at the design stage to ensure the fittings were quick and simple to install and easy to wire; facilitating a quick installation time.

The idea behind the installation was to create the impression of a velodrome having flown up into the sky, using the layering of the models, colours and patterns to reveal contrasts in detail of the numerous individual designs. Bikes of all vintages from the museum’s archives are represented in this piece. The curvature of the installation adds to the sense of speed and freedom.


"We chose Precision's Oculus luminaire for its shape and look as it is very much a part of the installation. We need something quite punchy because there is a lot of daylight in the concourse but in addition, we could accessorise it with linear lenses and focus it very accurately." 
Zerlina Hughes, Founder and Creative Director of Studio ZNA

Lighting Designer

Studio ZNA


London, United Kingdom