St Pancras Renaissance

Elegance and luxury have been revived at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel and Chambers, where Precision Lighting brass Microspot R spotlights that are built into bespoke lanterns help create a modern lighting scheme with a traditional feel.

AECOM Lighting Group worked closely with interior designers to strike a suitable balance between the hotel’s contemporary brand and maintaining the integrity of the architecture. Martin Valentine of AECOM decided to uplight the ceilings using box lanterns with Precision Lighting Microspot T luminaires mounted on custom-made brackets and hidden from view. Each of the 51 installed has four Microspots, machined from brass and finished to match the lantern.

AECOM also specified Precision Lighting Retro 16 spotlights for areas such as the hotel’s lobby and bar, where they are combined with Surface Monopoints mounted to the cable tray on the steel beams, and fitted with long snoots for glare control at high level. Basis Track was installed for a total of 135 Retro 11 spotlights.

Lighting Designer

Aecom Lighting Group


London, United Kingdom