Precision Lighting supplied 396 Pico 1 luminaires to Superdry’s world flagship store that opened recently in Regent Street. Over 9,500 square feet of prime retail space is decked out in authentic distressed woodwork, rusted metals and intensely styled zones by SKK.

The shelving and vitrines are illuminated by the Pico 1 LED. This has created an ambience of hushed quality and lighting that showcases key pieces of the Superdry range. The high-impact accent lighting is fused with the latest in LED technology which ensure the scheme is very low-energy, consuming only 15W/m2.

Working closely with PNLD and Supergroup, Precision Lighting designed and manufactured both standard and custom Pico 1 luminaires. These were mounted to systems including bespoke elliptical brass and aluminium basis tracks, retrac, and monopoints, to integrate seamlessly into each individual display.


"Superdry only work with the best in the industry and companies that reflect the brand's values of quality and design; values that Precision Lighting has demonstrated they hold."
James Meigh, Head of Creative Media and Marketing

Lighting Designer

Paul Nulty Lighting Design



London, United Kingdom