Titanic Museum - Belfast

The Titanic Belfast immediately became one of the city’s main tourist and cultural attractions when it opened in 2012, the centenary of the historic ship’s launch. The lighting design created for the museum by Sutton Vane Associates uses subdued lighting levels and differences in colour temperature as part of the narrative that unfolds as visitors move around the building from zone to zone.

The visitor’s journey through the museum is a crucial part of the experience. Low levels of light in the atrium create an atmosphere and help prepare the eye for the dark exhibition areas. Precision Lighting's Evo LED spotlights provide discreet, accurately focused illumination in the circulation spaces and on the graphic displays, helping to guide and inform along the way.

Precision also provided custom luminaires for the walkways on levels five and six of the architecturally stunning building’s banqueting and ‘pre-function’ spaces, enabling staff to work in comfort and safety while avoiding any glare that might interfere with guests’ views over the city. More than 100 Precision Evo LED spotlights were installed together with 40 minimal Pico LED spots and 40 custom luminaires.

All Precision Lighting lockable fittings share design features that make them ideal for use in museums and galleries, including full rotation in pan and tilt and a wide range of optics and accessories easily selected using Precision Lighting’s own product finder website technology.

Lighting Designer

Sutton Vane Associates


Belfast, Northern Ireland