The Solo family

The Solo family of spotlights stands out as gallery-grade lighting solutions, designed to meet the exacting standards required for showcasing artwork and creating an aesthetically pleasing environment. The term "gallery-grade" signifies a commitment to exceptional quality, precision, and performance.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these spotlights are not just sources of illumination but integral elements in enhancing the visual appeal of art and design installations. The precision optics of the Solo spotlights ensure focused and controlled beams, allowing for the accentuation of specific details and textures in the displayed artwork. The carefully selected range of sizes, from 35mm to 66mm, provides flexibility in addressing diverse gallery spaces and artistic presentations.

The Intense option, with its capability for ultra-narrow beams and high peak intensity, caters to the specific lighting needs of gallery spaces, where accentuating individual pieces is crucial. On the other hand, the Plus variant, boasting ultra-high Color Rendering Index (CRI) and impressive lumen output, ensures that the illuminated art appears in its truest colors and with optimal brightness.

Moreover, the tool-less site changeable optics contribute to the adaptability of these spotlights, allowing gallery curators and lighting designers to fine-tune the lighting setup based on evolving exhibition layouts.

The Solo family goes beyond standard lighting solutions by embodying the characteristics necessary to meet the discerning requirements of gallery environments. The commitment to gallery-grade quality ensures that these spotlights not only illuminate but also elevate the visual impact of the art they showcase.