Lighting Design International was commissioned to illuminate the Imago Art Gallery in Clifford Street, a centre for Italian art in London, using a versatile contemporary track system and spotlights on all four floors. It specified Precision Lighting’s Basis Track system and Retro 16 spotlights with a brushed aluminium finish, throughout the gallery.

Precision Lighting also designed 12 custom twin-headed Retro 16 spotlights with mains voltage halogen lamps for the emergency lighting. For a later exhibition, where the artist required an LED light source, Precision Lighting also customized 10 Retro 16 spotlights fitted with 14W Cree MCE LED modules. But like many of the works on show there the gallery itself also has the patina of time upon it and the building has gradually settled. So, Precision Lighting was also asked to manufacture custom spacers to make installation easier by ensuring that the track system sat flat against uneven surfaces.




London, United Kingdom