Imperial War Museum

A complete custom system by Precision Lighting has been utilised to accent the newly renovated Imperial War Museum. The highly acclaimed, £40m transformation of the Imperial War Museum, London by Foster + Partners includes lighting design by George Sexton Associates.

Opening up views from a new lower ground floor with the cafe and shop plays an important role in the transformation which was completed in time to commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. George Sexton Associates approached Precision Lighting with an intriguing concept compromising of a lattice of cables. Their concept required a network of small luminaires, to be positioned at each cable crossover point, to illuminate the the room below. Precision Lighting’s Pico 1 and Evo X16 fittings have been used to provide accurate downlighting suspended below the waffle celling detailing. In total over 300 Precision Lighting luminaries were used.

“We designed a complete system” said Peter McClelland, Design and Engineering Manager at Precision Lighting. “A custom monopoint was used to lock the criss-crossing cables in place and provide a power connection for our Evo X16 fittings. Based on our Pico 1 luminaires; a custom version was devised that could connect directly on to the cabling. The combined effect was an intricate web spanning the entire ceiling. It is a great example of our ability to fulfil our design philosophy of “Integrating lighting into architecture””.

The Imperial War Museum reopened in July to critical acclaim. If you haven’t already visited we thoroughly recommend it. 

Lighting Designer

George Sexton Associates


London, United Kingdom