Mappin & Webb Showrooms

Mappin & Webb is a long-standing name in British history with roots stretching back to 1775. Starting off as a small cutlery workshop, the brand has grown and adapted throughout the years into what it is today: retail jeweller and Royal Warrant holder. Mappin & Webb continues to be recognised throughout the world for its classic table silverware and high-end watch brands, however it is their jewellery that has rejuvenated the brand and furthered the line of luxury emerging from this iconic name. Simplicity and elegance is at the heart of the brand and Mappin & Webb continues to be a leading name in the luxury goods business nearly 250 years on from its origin.

Precision Lighting Pico spotlights with special cool white filters have been used to highlight the icy lustre of silver and white gold for Mappin & Webb’s magnificent Autumn / Winter 2014 collection at its Regent Street London showrooms. The brushed aluminium finish on the Pico spotlights speaks of quality and allows the fittings to sit alongside Mappin & Webb’s 2014 range without looking out of place.

The Pico spotlights were used in pairs to both highlight individual items and to reveal the exquisite details in the jewellery. Using multiple light sources from different directions and layering the light levels helped to reduce any harsh contrasts on the jewels and pick out the intricate details and textures of the individual pieces.

Colour temperature plays an important role in bathing objects in a striking and seductive glow. The body of an object can be enhanced by illuminating it with the same colour of light; adding intensity and excitement to the object. Mappin & Webb’s Autumn / Winter 2014 range consisted of silver and white gold jewellery; best illuminated by cool light. The Surface Mounted Pico spotlights were fitted with filters to bring their colour temperature to 4000K; approximately that of moonlight, to add colour intensity and clarity to the range.

The miniature Pico spotlight is widely used within gallery, museum and shop displays where its size, coupled with smooth focusing and locking in pan and tilt, enables highly accurate, glare-free lighting of small, intricate objects. The display uses a total of 26 Picos, mainly located in plinths with some housed with jewellery in glass cloches. Versions are also available on lighting tracks for pin-spotting from a distance or on stems for use in display cabinets. A variable beam version is available to maximise flexibility in lighting schemes.

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London, United Kingdom