Merchants Tavern

Precision Lighting fixtures have been used to light the Merchants Tavern, an upmarket restaurant in the heart of Shoreditch, east London.

Long snooted Evo R16s and Retro 16s provide illumination at the 130 cover restaurant, bar and private dining room, offering an update on the classic ‘tavern’. The brainchild of co-founders Angela Hartnett, Neil Borthwick, Dominic Lake and Patrick Clayton Malone, the Merchants Tavern provides Modern European food in a relaxed, open setting and features a seasonal menu devised by Hartnett and head chef Borthwick.

Housed in a Victorian warehouse and former apothecary in the heart of Shoreditch on the edge of the city, Merchants Tavern is located at the old Cataloupe site, one of the first restaurants and bars in Shoreditch. “We spent a long time searching for the right space, and we knew this was it.” Explains Hartnett, “There’s a real sense of history and community here which is vital for us to maintain and we want to make Merchants Tavern a part of this.”

The interior of the Merchants Tavern has been designed by Hackney-based design studio Very Good and Proper. It features a design inspired by the late 50’s and early 60’s, consisting of leather, hardwood and natural materials, which make up the majority of the restaurant’s interior. In contrast to this, the brushed aluminium finish of the Evo and Retro fittings add a modern twist to the contemporary design.

Evos pick out individual tables within the restaurant and bar, whilst Retro luminaires illuminate workstations in the adjoining open-plan kitchen. Integrating seamlessly into the architecture of the building, the spotlights provide a contrast to the atrium-style glass ceiling of the restaurant, which floods the space with light during the day. As night falls, the Evos provide a level of intimacy for diners, complementing the warm colour scheme of the interior.

With uninterrupted lines and a classically proportioned shape, the Evo series combine versatility with grace, to provide discreet, glare-free lighting. Machined from aerospace-grade aluminium for its thermal and aesthetic qualities, the Evo offers unparalleled style and performance, allowing clients to light creatively and with complete accuracy.

Lighting Designer

Very Good and Proper


London, United Kingdom