Museum of Liverpool

In total, 1,300 Precision Lighting Radar ML adjustable spotlights have been specified for the £70 million Museum of Liverpool, the largest national museum to be built in 100 years, housing some 6,000 artefacts.

The museum’s largest exhibition spaces are 40 metres long by 28 metres wide and 10 metres high, with large volumes and wall spaces to light, the lighting had to be both precise and flexible. The Radar ML spotlight is fully adjustable and lockable which has a snoot that both helps eliminate glare and has space for glass accessories.

Like many Precision Lighting products, its design development has been directly influenced by input from clients. In this case, discussions with lighting designer Sutton Vane Associates led to making the Radar ML lockable in both pan and tilt along with incorporating a silicon-coated focusing stem. In addition, to make lamp changing faster, Precision Lighting designed a push-fit lamp holder and added a simple twist and lock mechanism that holds the lamp safely in position – all without compromising the product aesthetic.


"Precision Lighting came up with a modified design that complied with the very specific requirements of the museum. They achieved this in record time, working at high speed to create a prototype and then putting it into production."
Mark Sutton Vane, Principal, Sutton Vane Associates

Lighting Designer

Sutton Vane Associates


Liverpool, United Kingdom